Sunday, 3 February 2019

Grange Lios astronomical alignment

From 5th February 2015.

I was treated to a beautiful near-Imbolc sunset at the Grange Lios or Circle B at Lough Gur in Co. Limerick.

The Grange Lios is normally regarded as the biggest stone circle in Ireland and at Lough Gur is one of the most interesting and impressive megalithic landscapes in the country.

I also discovered something very interesting from my observations - on the cross quarter day the shadow of the "horned" stones that mark the cross quarter, slowly cast a shadow that almost ends up touching the "entrance" stones. It didn't touch them exactly as the tree and the house were in the way but may have done so in antiquity.

The cross-quarter sunset was first proposed by famous archaeoastronomy Boyle-Sommerville who was a cousin of Windle who carried out a survey of the antiquities in the area in the early 1900s.

The shadows of the horned stones creeping across the circle towards the entrance. 

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